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Breanna "Bugsy"
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Breanna Pflaumer Health Update!

August 7, 2008

Hey everyone, Breanna Pflaumer with yet another update!

As you all know, I went into UCLA for brain surgery and am forever grateful to Dr. Lazareff and his
team for doing an amazing job, and giving me a new opportunity on life once again. By 7:00 that
evening, I had convinced the doctors I felt like solid food and to my delight, they agreed. So off went
my dad to the nearest McDonald’s for a “Happy Meal”.

My parents have noticed many changes since the surgery, some being not being as tired and an
increased appetite. In fact, as of this week, I have put on 10 pounds since the date of my surgery and I
feel great, “whoo hoo”. Although, my legs are a little sore, but I am guessing it is from lying in the
hospital for 10 days!  

The medical report is in on my existing tumor and it seems it has not changed grades or type, but while
in the hospital, doctors did notice an unusual mass in my bladder. I underwent ultrasounds, ct scans
and finally they had to perform a biopsy, and the news is “GOOD”, it is not a tumor (what a blessing).
The doctor was able to remove the mass and we are still awaiting the outcome from pathology.

I was released from the hospital on Sunday, July 27th, and it sure is nice to be home, however, the new
Ronald Reagan Children’s hospital is so nice! One patient for each room and I had so many wonderful
doctors, nurses, and care partner’s during my stay.

We are planning to go on vacation to Priest Lake, Idaho in a couple of weeks for some much needed
rest and relaxation, and I am really looking forward to going!

I hope this letter finds everyone well, and may the rest of the summer be safe and fun for all.

Love always,


Thanks again to all of Breanna's new and old friends alike, our community of family, and relatives, for
the outpouring of support that you have shown during our difficult journey, and we wish you all health,
happiness, and May God Bless!

With love,

Thomas, Terrie, Shannon, & Breanna Pflaumer
The face of courage